Powermax Engineering Ltd, Transformer is the capital goods with a lifespan of decade. It is the important factor to consider estimated maintenance costs, load loss and extended services life with low investment cost. Powermax Engineering Ltd, incorporates the modern development in transformer design and production technology. Our Transformer manufactured on the basis of high research and Practical experiences have all the good features by optimizing design for low loss efficient & safety.


Powermax Engineering Ltd, Transformer are manufactured depending on the demand of respective customer request to one or more internationally acknowledged standard including IEC-7, BSS-171, ANSI 57.12, VDE - 0532.



Powermax Engineering Ltd, Transformer core is made of high porous cold rolled grain oriented silicon (CRGO) steel sheet Insulation both sides. Insulated core clomping both channels and supports ensures low iron losses and magnetizing currents and Decreased operating cost.



Powermax Engineering Ltd, Transformer winding of HV and LV are made from high conductivity electrolytic copper; either paper insulated or pin hole free enamel wire, free from scale buss and silver. Under the supervision of highly qualified engineers the core coil assembly is made. Heavy steel section is used to clamp. Tie rods of adequate size are used to hold the coils; sufficient radial and axial cooling ducts and canals are provided to keep the Transformer sufficiently cool even at the continuous full load.

Tap changer

The tap changer mounted below the oil level at a safe distance make of high quality homogenous insulating boards or synthetic resin mould, for changing the connections of the top in primary winding. Rumple rotating of handle through the handle hole does the tap changing and it should be done only when the transformer is de-energized.



High voltage and low voltage bushings are of wet process porcelain manufactured by BISF under BCIC of Bangladesh with the terminals suitable for copper aluminum conductors.

Tank And Cover

Powermax Engineering Ltd, Tank and cover are fabricated from electrically welded mild steel sheets; each Tank is tested under pressure for detection any leakage tanks employed from housing the transform Are mechanically string and suitable for proper heat dissipation.



Test is carried out thoroughly on every par before assembly. Every transform is routine tested to ascertain the following before the transformer is permitted to leave the factory: