Power consumption in any electrical network is largely related to a fact, known as the power factors. Power factor depends only on the characteristics of the loads not inductive power factor decreases with continuously increasing loads. So, It is necessary to build PFI Plants to increase the Power factor thus to confirm the maximum utilization of power



Powermax Engineering Ltd,L.T Switchgear with Models PMLT- 01DS, PMLT-02DS & PMLT-03DS, are available which are equipped with Air Circuit Breaker respectively with current Transformer, Amps / Volt meter, Indicator Lamps, Bus-bar etc. according to the panel is designed and assembled in accordance with IEC 298.

Mode of Operation

The control module of PFI plant contains a microprocessor based solid-state relay, which continuously measures the relative power in the incoming feeder. In the event of the actual value different from the preset value, the relay activated contractors to switch capacitors in and out in steps as required. The capacitor rating is chosen so that, on average, the required power is attained.

Why PFI Plant is used?

As power is proportional to the cosine of power angle, Cos0, so it is necessary to increase the value of Cos0, Indicative loads decreases Cos0, whereas, capacitive load increase it. So PFI plant is actually a collection of huge capacitors, which are properly operated and controlled. A PFI Plant does the following Jobs: -


Powermax Engineering Ltd, produces three models of P.F.I plants depending upon the requirements. For P.F correction purpose capacitor bank, P.F.C relay, P.F. meter, magnetic and electric contractor, HRC Fuses are used. ACB, MCCB, CT Voltmeter Etc. are used for distribution system. Both Auto and manual PFI are produced here. All the PFI plant is produced here. All the PFI plants are designated and assembled precisely under international specifications.

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