High-tension switchgear comprises the unit's designed for rated voltage of 12KV current range 630A. Switchgear insulation designed to withstand rated voltage is also subjected to over voltage due to lightings and breaker operation transients. Depending on the conditions switchgear installations are designed and manufactured for outdoor and indoor service suitable form mass production, transportation handling and convenient operation, the weight of the equipment is kept as low as practicable. Powermax Engineering Ltd, H.T panels are equipped with built-in mechanical interlocks for safety and the breaker compartment is so designed, that it ensures the inter changeability with the identical circuit breakers. The cubical design of 15kv and 630A is also compatible with our SF6 and Air Circuit Breakers (VCB). The panels are fully compartmentalized and extensible on both sides, consisting of bus-bar chamber with adequate air clearances, PT compartment, CT and cable termination compartment, breaker compartment and metering chamber

General Technical Data

Rated Voltage : 12KV / 11KV
Rated Current : 400A, 630A, 800A
Rated Short Time Current : 20KA, 25KA, 31.5KA
Frequency / Phase : 50Hz / 3-Phase
Interrupting Capacity : 250MVA , 350MVA
Type of Breaker : Spring charged Hand / Motor Operated Fixed / Draw Out Type
Dimension (WxDxH) : 900mm X 1050mm X 2100mm

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